Solar Radiation

What is solar radiation?

Simply put, solar radiation is the electromagnetic radiation that reaches the Earth from the Sun.

How is solar radiation relevant to solar power?

We determine an area’s ability to produce solar power by its SUN-HOURS. Sun-hours are derived by taking a particular location’s solar radiation over time to arrive at an average figure used when determining the size of solar system that will be necessary to power a building located in that area. In Central Illinois, our average sun-hours are 4.6. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) offers maps that have been compiled using 30 years of data.

Average Daily Solar Radiation Per Month

Let WindSolarUSA size a solar system for you!

WindSolarUSA, Inc. will use solar radiation data for your location coupled with a review of twelve months' power bills to determine what size solar system you will need to meet your present load. In addition, we can make recommendations on energy efficiency and other ways to reduce your present consumption, thus requiring a smaller system to meet your load. Call today for your free consultation!