Solar Photovoltaic Mounting

WindSolarUSA, Inc. has a mounting system to suit everyone’s needs! From the residential homeowner, to the urban business owner, to the remote cabin owner who does not have the option of traditional electricity, we can design a system that provides you with power from the sun and meets your aesthetic needs. Some options, such as solar awnings and solar parking lots, can provide electricity, shade and shelter to the autos or individuals that are housed beneath them. Take a look at the photos and descriptions to choose which option will work best for you. If you can imagine it, we can design it!

Mounting Types

Residential Roof Mounts

Roof mounts are the most common type of residential solar mounting system. Today’s mounting systems offer minimal penetration to the roof and do not effect roof warranties. Most are flush-mounted with an approximate one inch rise to allow for air circulation under the panels to keep them cooler and maximize production. Typically, we are looking for a south facing slope with no shading between the hours of 9 AM and 3 PM. This building integrated type of mounting offers homeowners an aesthetically pleasing opportunity to capture power from the sun!

Commercial Flat Roof Mounts

Commercial flat roof mounting systems can offer your business free power from the sun! Most systems of this type do not require roof penetrations, but rather are engineered to be secured using weighted ballast blocks and rails that hold the panels and keep them in place. One advantage of this mounting system is that it can be moved with relative ease in the event that a business changes locations or an owner’s business relationship changes. Panels are racked anywhere from 10-30 degrees to allow for snow shedding and to maximize production while still keeping wind loads to a minimum.

Ground Mounts

Just because you do not have a south facing roof slope, does not mean that solar power cannot work for you! Ground mounts offer a solution to this problem and also an option for those that are not comfortable placing the system on their roof. This free-standing type of mounting can be secured in poured concrete footings, pile driven to avoid excavation and the need for concrete, or anchored using cables and can be designed in a number of configurations to best suit its owners space and visual needs. Some systems can also be seasonally adjusted (varied tilt angle) to increase production during winter months. If you have limited roof space, are lacking that desired southern exposure, or are just not comfortable placing panels on your roof, a ground mount system offers you a great solution! WindSolarUSA is proud to offer an in-state manufactured ground mount racking system that is pile driven to afford our customers optimal production opportunities with little disruption to land space.

Pole Mounts/Trackers

Pole mounts can be fixed, or combined with single or dual-axis tracking systems. Single-axis tracking systems track from east to west and increase production by about 20%. Dual-axis tracking systems track all four compass directions and increase production by about 30%. Tracking systems cost more and can add maintenance concerns due to the addition of electronic equipment that is not present on a fixed mount system. If you are looking to maximize production with a small footprint, pole mounts/trackers are for you!


Are you looking for an alternative way to integrate solar into your building envelope? Awnings are the answer! In addition to producing power, solar awnings can offer shade to windows, entrances, and outdoor living areas. This option is only limited by the boundaries of your imagination…power and shade in one easy application!

Solar Parking Lots

Solar parking lots are one of the newest mounting options to take the industry by storm! This option offers multiple benefits: the generation of electricity, shade and shelter from the elements for the vehicles that park underneath, and the possibility of integrating solar charging stations for electric vehicles. What a benefit to your employees and/or patrons!


Solsheds offer a detached structure that can be positioned with a southern exposure in a minimally shaded area. Additionally, the interior of the shed can be used to house the balance of system (inverters, batteries, etc.) that accompanies a turn-key solar system. This option works especially well for homeowners who do not want panels on their house roof or in their yard, do not have that desired southern exposure, or who want an off-grid system which requires storage area for batteries.