Energy Management

The first step to any renewable energy project is energy efficiency. New advances in the energy management arena allow consumers today to not only upgrade to more energy efficient products such as LED lamps and Energy Star appliances at the residential level, but also highly efficient LED lighting fixtures with motion sensors that come on and go off as rooms/outside areas are accessed. More advanced commercial systems may include programmable zoning for lighting and "smart" thermostats that are zoned and programmed to respond to the user's needs by facility maintenance managers. The financial savings generated from implementing energy management practices can be used to pay not only for the equipment necessary to complete the energy efficiency upgrades, but also to pay for a portion of a complimentary renewable system to further self-sufficiency. WindSolarUSA, Inc. can provide an energy audit to advise where potential savings opportunities exist, analyze what that savings will be over time, provide quotes for the equipment necessary to complete those upgrades, and finally, design and quote a renewable system for a turn-key energy management solution that provides efficiency, a level of self-sufficiency and carbon emission reductions to preserve our environment.

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