Product Offerings

WindSolarUSA, Inc. is a dealer for two American wind turbine companies: Ventera Energy located in Duluth, MN, and Northern Power located in Barre, VT.

Ventera Engergy Wind Turbine:

Our Ventera Energy offering is a 10kW turbine that has the ability to be combined with an additional 2kW solar array to give you the best of both worlds! Both the solar and wind production is converted from direct current (DC) electricity to alternating current (AC) electricity through one synchronous inverter- something other turbine companies in the industry do not offer! This turbine will power the average agricultural household or small business.

Photo of 10kW VENTERA V10 Turbine on Lattice Tower with integrated 2kW Solar Array

For more information about the Ventera V10 Turbine, please click on this link to access their website:

Northern Power Wind Turbine:

Are you a rural or industrial park large consumer of electricity looking for a way to produce all or a portion of your electrical power needs? We have the answer…a Northern Power 100 turbine! This 100kW turbine offers output that equals the consumption of ten average households in one attractive renewable device positioned atop a monopole tower. Because this is still considered “small wind”, this turbine can be connected to already existing grid power lines and does not require the high voltage lines of larger corporate turbines. Staying with our philosophy of only representing and selling American-made companies and products, Northern Power’s Vermont-made 100kW turbine offers an excellent opportunity for larger consumers to move towards self-sufficiency. For more information about Northern Power and the Northern Power 100, please visit their website at: