Go Solar Illinois

Bringing Affordable Solar to Springfield and all of Illinois!

Welcome to Go Solar Springfield/Illinois, a WindSolarUSA initiative. We're working on bringing solar residents across the state via a group purchasing program, this helps to bring costs down for homeowners, businesses and ag producers that want to use solar to offset their traditional utility expenses. Go Solar Springfield/Illinois is designed to be a 'one-stop shop' for those interested in utilizing solar energy, uses American-made modules and IBEW DG-certified electrical installers. It also includes free site assessments and array projections coupled with financial performance modeling to show interested parties what solar looks like at their particular location and the economic benefits of the consideration. “We are looking to increase the awareness of solar as a green alternative to traditional, escalating priced energy sources,” said Michelle Knox, WindSolarUSA Founder and President. Continuing, “As cost continues to come down and the payback windows shrink, offering a group purchasing program was just another way we could work to offer quality American-made products at a competitive price.” By negotiating bulk purchase pricing for products and installation for the program, Illinois residents and business owners can now install solar on their homes or buildings for well below today's market prices. For most systems in the City of Springfield, paybacks run under three years on commercial systems, and five years for residential, inclusive of the 30% federal tax credit, five year accelerated depreciation for business owners, and renewable energy credits (RECs) offered by the State of Illinois via the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA) legislation. We will be offering informational sessions in 2018. The events are free, though you'll need to register. We’ll post upcoming events on our Go Solar Springfield/Illinois and WindSolarUSA FB pages.  Like us on Facebook to have our information come straight to your feed!